A lot of money is also invested in information about and advertising the products. Private labels spend little or no budget on this.

Is goat’s milk formula better than cow’s milk?

No. Research shows that formula made from goat’s milk is no better than ‘regular’ formula made from cow’s milk. Babies don’t grow better or develop differently. The milk is also not digested any better and it causes complaints just as often.

As soon as your baby is 1 year old, you can also give regular goat’s milk. For children under 1 year, this contains, just like in cow’s milk, too much salt and protein. Go for the holle organic goat formula in this matter.

How is the quality of bottle feeding monitored and by whom?

The law specifies in detail what must and may be in bottle feeding and how much. The law also states what absolutely cannot be contained in bottle feeding in terms of harmful substances and pesticides. The rules regarding advertising for bottle feeding are also in the law.

The Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority closely monitors whether the products meet all these requirements. All brands are checked structurally and in the same way to see whether they comply with the law. The composition, safety and advertising are examined.Incidentally, manufacturers also check their products before they leave the factory.

What is the difference between organic and ‘regular’ formula?

Organic formula is made from organic milk. In addition, organic bottle feeding often contains fewer extra substances that are contained in other bottle feeding brands. For example, FOS , nucleotides , L-carnitine , taurine and DHA are often missing .

The manufacturers are reluctant to use non-mandatory additives, because often no organic variant is available or because they are very expensive.

Can I use tap water to make formula?

Yes, you can use tap water to make bottle feeding. Tap water in the Netherlands is strictly controlled. Please note, it is not recommended to use standard warm tap water for bottle feeding. Hot tap water can dissolve harmful metals, such as copper from the storage tank of the boiler or central heating boiler or chrome from the tap.

For once that does not cause any problems, but not always. It is preferable to let boiled water cool down and dissolve powder in it. Of course you can also mix boiled water with cold tap water.


If you prefer to use water from the bottle to make baby food, take a good look at the packaging first. Not all bottled water is suitable for making baby food. It is only suitable if it is stated on the packaging.