Although your child perfectly recognizes Santa’s face and understands his job (making millions of gifts), how to write the letter to Santa Claus can be a complicated task that ends in a simple list of the gifts he wants.

Help him make the time of writing a special experience. We tell you how to write a letter to Santa Claus:

Create a fun letter: When your child writes to Santa, help him illustrate the things he tells him with pictures and decorate it with stickers, diamond and all the decorations he wants to include. This will encourage you to strive for nice detail and personalization of your letter.

To send it letters from Santa Claus can use balloons or internet pages that send their message directly to the North Pole and even, in some, Santa sends an immediate response.

It is not just a question of asking:  It is important to explain to him, from an early age, that Santa Claus is not a toy factory. The intention of writing to him means the opportunity to tell that friend everything he did in the year, how his family is doing and the things he learned. In addition to asking him for toys that he would like, it is also nice that he remembers his gifts from the previous year and appreciates the care he put into them.

Help him set priorities:  This has to do with setting limits. Although one of the most special moments for you is seeing your child’s face when he opens his gifts; we know that a list of 15 gifts is excessive and, generally, one – or several – of these are forgotten in the corner. You can help him think about why he wants each thing and which one he will enjoy more, considering the space he has and its practicality.

Leave a small gift:  Remind your child that during the night before the eve, Santa Claus has to make a long journey around the world to deliver the gifts of all the children. It’s a nice gesture to think about how tiring this can be and to leave some cookies under the tree with a glass of milk and a bowl of water for the reindeer on the sled.

Recommendations when writing the letter:

  • Be sure to spell out the address for the answer. Santa knows where they live, but his elves need the right information to help him.
  • In the letter they can include their favorite activities, from sports, to school, as well as family ones, as well as their photos and their drawings.
  • It is best to write the letter early. Remember that the deadline is December 11 to receive an answer before Christmas.

To prepare your letters:

Children who want to write to Santa Claus have to send their letter through the mail before December 14, to ensure that they will receive a response in time for Christmas.