You probably don’t remember that one of the first business ideas was posted on different blogs was about moving. In the country of origin, people tend to change region much more often than many have been able to observe in Denver, which probably has the consequence that it is a more important sector there than here, population size a part. We are going to propose some ideas related to removals.

Instant online comparator for removals

At the moment there is no system in Spain similar to insurance comparators and that allows you to have a complete budget for your move in a matter of minutes. There are some pages that allow you to send quotes in a semi-automated way to several companies, but it is not an immediate process. On these pages some objective data is requested, but then the essential (description of the move and the volume) is done through a text field, which does not allow the automatic calculation of the estimates.

Although it would involve some computer development, a page that could offer a price comparison at the end of data entry would represent a significant improvement over the current offering. For the movers in denver this is important.

Moving company on demand

Many individuals prefer to try to organize their move on their own because they think that hiring a company is an excessive expense. This situation occurs mainly for small transfers with little distance between homes. In order to offer an intermediate product, a French company invented the concept of the a la carte moving company. The client can choose to hire one or more people to help him for a few hours, with or without a truck, with or without accessories. In this way, you get professional support for the most complicated tasks while controlling expenses.

Do it yourself

Perhaps the most extreme low cost concept is the idea that I explained on the blog years ago. Another French company allows its clients to organize their move alone. In the stores they find everything they need (boxes, tape, tools, covers, car rental) and organize themselves as they wish. In this way the budget is fully under control.

Buying and selling of used boxes

Again we are talking about the people who organize the removals on their own. A necessary but sometimes excessive expense is buying boxes (for those who do not want to spend days recycling cardboard from the shops and supermarkets in the area). If the move is large, buying new boxes can end up being expensive, since each box can cost more than € 2.

As most of these boxes are normally in perfect condition after a move and end up in the trash, a company came up with selling second-hand boxes to meet two objectives: that users have cheaper boxes and reduce the environmental impact.

Platform to share moving

If you want to travel cheaply, for years you can share a car with the different platforms on the market. Why not adapt the concept to moving and allow two or more people with a relatively small load of items to partner to reduce costs ? Surely it costs less to rent a large van than two small ones, and at some times of the year (for example at the end of the course or at the beginning of a new one), there are many people doing the same tours with their belongings.